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Faced with the risks that can paralyze a company's business if its information system becomes inoperable, it's vital to know how to secure it.

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Sophos Firewall                        Kaspersky EndPoint

Kaspersky EndPoint


The course is designed for IT and security administrators, and is divided into theoretical and practical parts. On completion of the course, you will be able to:

 1.Describe the computer threats to which a company may be exposed

2.Description of the KASPERSKY KESB solution

 3.Deploying the KSC server and endpoint protection

 4.Deploying the server with EDR 

5.Dealing with detection and investigation

 6.strategy management

7.Maintenance Training participants will install, configure and optimize a deployment of the KASPERSKY Endpoint client server solution.


3 days 



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Knowledge of Windows and Windows Server operating systems Basic network skills


Chapter 1: Threat environment

•Introduction to the world of cybersecurity

• Computer threats

 Chapitre 2 : KASPERSKY Endpoint Security For Business 

.Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business solution components

.Licensing model and features 

3. KASPERSKY server deployment

        . Prerequisites

       . Server installation with the Kaspersky Security Center console 

     . Installing the new Kaspersky Security Center Web console

     . Discovering the network 

       . Creating computer groups

       . Creating strategies

       . Deploying Kaspersky Endpoint Security protection 

. Lab: deploying Kaspersky Security Center 

. PC protection deployment 

       . Prerequisites 

       . Optimizing the Kaspersky Endpoint Security agent

      . Creating an installation package 

       . Installation method

               . Remote installation 

               . Installation with Active directory 

              . Lab KES agent installation on PC

. Organizing computers into groups

Chapter 3: Management and control 

. Configuring protection against file-based threats

       . How to configure the file threat protection module

       . Module optimization

       . Scheduled scan configuration

. Configuring network threat protection

      . Network threat protection components 

       . Protection against threats from the mail stream 

       . Protection against webstream threats 

. Lab . Protection against advanced attacks

       . Protection against new threats

        . Advanced threat protection module

       . Optimization

.Lab . Check network connections

        . Firewall module in Kaspersky Endpoint

       . Configuration 

. Protection for mobile PCs

       . Definition

        . Creation of the company's out-of-bounds protection policy

. Lab: protection for mobile PCs 

. Web filtering

       . Module implementation and configuration 

        . Tests 

        . Statistics and Reporting

. Lab: web filtering 

. Application control

. Configuring application control categories

. Lab: application control 

. Peripheral control

. Lab: device control 

Chapter 4: Reporting and Maintenance

. Creating a board

. Email reporting

. Managing infections

. Database maintenance

. Checking connectivity between KES and KSC

. Backup configuration

Chapter 5 Optimum BDU

. Upgrading the Kaspersky Security Centre server

. Definition of EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response)

. Optimum EDR features installation

. Strategy management

. Configuring detection reports 

. Handling a security incident

. Lab: attack simulation and response

Chapter 6: Smartphone protection

Preparing the Kaspersky server for mobile protection

. Protection package generation 

Strategy management

. Reporting

. Lab

Sophos Firewall


Sophos is a British firm specializing in IT security applications and appliances, including solutions for EndPoint protection, encryption, network security, email security, mobile security and Sophos UTM (Unified Threat Management). Sophos also offers a free antivirus for the general public called Sophos Home.

In this Sophos XG Firewall training course, you'll learn about the features and configuration steps of this UTM as part of a LAB to be set up locally to simulate a production environment.


3 days 



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Basic knowledge of networks Knowledge of computer security Good knowledge of Windows Server and Active Directory


IT security threats and how SOPHOS firewall protects against them

 - Introduction to the SOPHOS firewall

 - SOPHOS Firewall VM installation, activation and registration - Network protection management

 - Intrusion prevention system strategy

- VPN client and VPN site-to-site

 - Identity-based firewall

- Web protection and application control

- Web proxy settings

 - Email protection

- Wifi management

- Local and centralized reporting SD-WAn management

- Troubleshooting