Support and assistance (Customer and service request management)

For excellent customer service.

Agile Network offers the Odoo support module, which enables our customers to efficiently manage their helpdesk and track customer requests. With our solution, you can create and assign tickets, track their status, communicate with customers and have a complete history of exchanges. Odoo's support module offers a complete solution to meet customer support management needs

Support request

Dramatically rethink the user interface

Track, prioritize and resolve customer tickets.

Make sure you track, prioritize and resolve customer tickets efficiently. Prioritize tickets according to their importance and resolve them on time. Ensure that every ticket gets the attention it needs, and that customer problems are resolved satisfactorily.

Versatile, multi-channel platform

Connect with your customers wherever they are.


New incoming emails automatically create tickets.

Website form

Qualify your customer requests with a customizable website form

Live Chat

Use the Live Chat plug-in on your website to instantly attract visitors.

Optimized reformulation to increase productivity through the use of service level agreements (SLAs), task automation, templates and canned responses.

Define dynamic email templates to automate the most common responses.
Escalate tickets to your manager at the click of a button.

Create your SLA rules and let Odoo act automatically.
Automate your emails or actions at different stages of ticket resolution.

Use recorded responses in live chat to give instant answers.
Invite experts to live discussions.

Sell support contracts

Easily sell, renew and upgrade.

Sell support contracts to automatically provide assistance services to your customers. Calculate the time spent on each contract with the Timesheet application and automatically propose fixed-term contracts. Create alerts for your sales or support team based on your customers' status.

Deliver smarter self-service

An integrated customer knowledge base

Develop a community around your product with the forum.

Allow your customers to close their tickets.

Give autonomy. Improve productivity.

Reduce the risk of errors, avoid misunderstandings and give your support teams more time to focus on the things that really need their attention.

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